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Mass Mailer for Mac Panther

High-performance bulk email program used to send personalized email messages to a large customer
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14 March 2013

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Suppose you own a shop and want to send emails to thousands of prospective customers so that they will get to know about your store. Or suppose your firm has developed a new product and want the people get idea about the product. One of the best ways to spread the information in such situations is by sending emails to everyone. And even if you mail to masses, most of them will be sent as spam mail. For countering such situation Mass Mailer for Mac Panther version 3.153 is the right solution in that case. This application for Apple Macintosh is a super performing bulk email program that can be utilized for sending personalized email messages with the help of message templates to a huge customer base just from one Mac. The main objective of the fine software is to carry all your emails to the enormous customer base in a n effective and efficient way. Fascinating to achieve this ability of mass mailing Mass Mailer make use of the Apple Mail as delivering agent. Due to this the whole possibility of making error as maximum mailer creates in all of message headers that leads to spam filters get retained in such messages.

This software has got some astonishing features that promise to be the best mass mailer among its peers. Both Import as well as Export features will enable you to share the whole customer database with various application programs like MS Office, Oracle, MS SQL and Apple Works. Mass mailer checks redundancy too, by eliminating duplicates if any customer tries to register on the website more than once. For mailing to masses this program provides you a list for maintaining millions of recipients by maintaining different thousands of list files.

This fine effective software is hell of a tool for anyone who wants message in bulk. We rate Mass Mailer with 4 on a scale of 5 for the flexibility it offers and its sheer ease of use.

Publisher's description

Mass Mailer for Mac Panther is a high-performance bulk email program specially designed for Apple Macintosh computer used to send personalized email messages using message templates to a large customer base from a single Mac. Its purpose is to deliver all your email messages to the vast majority of your customers in a very efficient manner. To achieve this Mass Mailer for Mac Panther uses Apple Mail as a delivering agent what makes your messages look like they were sent directly from Apple Mail. This eliminates the errors many mass mailers create in message headers causing spam filters to retain such messages. The Import and Export features of Mass Mailer for Mac Panther are so powerful that you can share your customer database with virtually any other programs such as Microsoft Office, Apple Works and database management systems such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. Mass Mailer for Mac Panther is also capable to handle website mailing list subscriptions and easily eliminates duplicates that may potentially appear when a customer tries to subscribe to your lists several times. Another great feature is support of multiple recipient groups in a single mailing list. It gives you an ability to group different types of contacts in separate groups and enable or disable them all when necessary with only one click of the mouse. You can maintain millions of recipients in thousands of separate mailing list files. Each mailing list may contain as many email messages as you want that can be enabled and disabled when it is necessary.
Mass Mailer for Mac Panther
Mass Mailer for Mac Panther
Version 4.23
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